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October 13, 2011
Ex-cop (steroid user) outgrows uniform – murders ex-wife
All of the physical signs of steroid use were there including unusually fast muscle growth.  He grew so much so that he had to replace his police uniforms. Before long, the psychological signs developed.  This cop began to exhibit “roid rage”, and the next thing we know of the story is that he (allegedly!) killed his wife. Don
The Franklin County sheriff’s deputy accused of fatally shooting his ex-wife on Memorial Day and wounding a state police sergeant had body-enhancing steroids in his home’s gun safe and had outgrown his uniforms in the months before the violence, according to a search warrant.
Virginia State Police detectives seized two vials of anabolic steroids and syringes from a basement gun safe in the Boones Mill home of former deputy Jonathan Agee, 32. The vault was near Agee’s home weightlifting gym, according to the warrant filed Wednesday in Roanoke County Circuit Court.
Agee, who was fired from his job after the May 30 shootings that led to charges that he murdered Jennifer Agee, 30, and wounded state police Sgt. Matthew Brannock, “grew to the point of having to get all new uniforms” in the months before the shootings, according to the search warrant signed by state police Special Agent Stephen Oliver.
Agee’s current wife said he told her on Memorial Day morning that he was going to kill Jennifer Agee. He took an assault rifle in his sheriff’s cruiser and shot her outside the Sheetz store on Williamson Road in Roanoke, authorities have said. Agee shot Brannock during a pursuit near Interstate 81 before he was wounded by other troopers, according to police.
Roanoke police have examined text messages between Jonathan and Jennifer Agee, which detectives said they believe show his motive for murder, according to a search warrant filed Aug. 9 in Roanoke Circuit Court. An earlier search warrant said Agee’s current wife, Julia Angell, told investigators that she had overheard “very heated” telephone arguments between the former spouses and that Jennifer Agee had sent her text messages about “an ongoing relationship” between the Agees.
Anabolic steroids help generate body mass and are illegal to use without a prescription. Some athletes use them illicitly for performance enhancements, with side effects that may include mood swings and so-called ‘roid rage.
“Major affective symptoms, particularly increased aggression, irritability, and impairment of judgment, and even psychotic symptoms may occur in some individuals who use anabolic steroids,” said a National Institute on Drug Abuse report.
Detectives recovered two vials, one with a red top and one with a silver lid marked TC 300, a synthetic form of the hormone testosterone, from Agee’s safe, according to the warrant.
Agee is scheduled to be tried in Montgomery County on Nov. 14 on a charge of attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer and in Roanoke on Jan. 23 on a charge of first-degree murder.