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December 28, 2009
Even NYPD is Having to Fight Steriod Use Among Its Police Ranks

It seems steroid abuse is going on in every corner of our society.  As I’ve noted in a couple of previous postings, even our law enforcement personnel are not immune from the desire to be bigger, stronger and faster through the use of illegal anabolic steroids. Here is a story from today’s NY Post.  This article mentions the fact that a number of supplements are spiked with steroids.  And that organized crime is involved in the steroid business.


NYPD Presses Cop Steroid Ban


December 27, 2009

City cops have been told to stay off the “juice” — or else. In an effort to create a stricter steroid ban, the NYPD last week issued a stern warning to its members not to bulk up with supplements purchased online or over the counter.

A bulletin distributed at roll call identified 21 nutritional supplements that contained steroids but failed to list them on their labels.

All dietary supplements are also forbidden, the four-page memo said — noting that their use would trigger positive drug tests.

The NYPD began random steroid testing in April 2008 after a scandal that tainted as many as 27 cops.

At least four more have been snared by those tests in 2009.

The FDA has said steroid use can lead to liver damage, stroke, heart disease or kidney failure.

The NYPD noted that illegal steroid use fuels a market run by organized crime.