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December 18, 2011
Eddie "the Bull" Gantner

Ed "The Bull" Gantner, 30

As a young teenager, Ed Gantner was a bit on the small side. But that would all change once he discovered weightlifting and anabolic steroids. By the time he graduated high school and moved on to professional football, he had built his 6'4" frame into a 300-pound hulk. According to his family and his girlfriend, steroids became an inseparable part of his life. After football, he moved on to professional wrestling and of course, the steroids went with him. Before it would be over, Eddie - as his family still fondly calls him - would run the gambit of drug problems. From kidney failure, to a weak heart, to roid rage, to manic depression. In fact, his psychological addiction was so bad that within a short time after a kidney transplant, he was back to weightlifting and steroids. Unable to cope with his health problems and his smaller physical size, Ed Gantner tragically ended his life with a bullet through his heart on New Year's Eve.