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July 15, 2013
Did Hugh Jackman bulk up by using steroids?
Did Hugh Jackman Take Steroids To Bulk Up For The Wolverine? (Video - Photos) Hugh Jackman famously borrowed The Rock’s training regimen to get massive and ripped for The Wolverine – did he also borrow The Rock’s steroid regimen? When actors have to put on pounds and pounds of muscle for a role in a short amount of time, it’s very likely that that they turn to steroids to help them. Not all of them, and not always. If they have more than 6 months for their training regime and they have solid trainers, then it’s sometimes doable without the steroids. Henry Cavill, for example, famously avoided steroids while filming Man of Steel, although he did have almost a year to get into shape. So what about Hugh Jackman? Well, according to him, he called up Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and said, “Buddy, I saw you in The Tooth Fairy…and then I saw you in an action movie and you are massive. How do you do it?’” Let’s just say it takes a lot of time and food to look that big.” Dwayne’s response was, “He said, ‘Okay, you want to put on 25 pounds of lean muscle? You need six months. You need to eat 6,000 calories and here it is.” Now, everybody loves Hugh Jackman. But he’s played the Wolverine 5 times now, and each time, he’s had less than six months to bulk up. Is it possible he turned to steroids to gain the needed muscle? Dwayne Johnson is already massive, and obviously uses a serious steroid regimen – he has admitted to using steroids in the past and is clearly using them again. Hugh, on the other hand, shot Les Miserables before he shot the Wolverine, which means not only did he have to put on 25 pounds of muscle, he needed to gain enough weight to look like a normal human first. ’d like to believe that Hugh didn’t use steroids and that everything was natural. Everyone knows and loves Hugh Jackman for his work ethic, and he’s incredibly committed to all of his roles. That being said, we’re desperately trying to quiet the little voice in our head that keeps saying that putting on that kind of muscle in such a short amount of time is just not possible without some outside help. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.
Did Hugh Jackman Take Steroids To Bulk Up For The Wolverine? (Video – Photos)