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July 20, 2012
Cyclist tests positive for banned substance
Frank Schleck is facing a battle on his hands after the B sample of a urine sample on July 14th has also come back positive. Frank Schleck On Tuesday it was announced that the banned diuretic Xipamide had been detected in the urine of the Luxembourg rider in a random doping control. He agreed to leave the race as a result, and said that he would have the B sample analysed. That procedure has now been carried out and, according to Tageblatt.lu, the outcome is the same. "For me, this doesn't change the situation." Schleck now faces a disciplinary hearing before Luxembourg's cycling federation. That decision can subsequently go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport if the judgement is disputed by any of the parties concerned. Schleck denied all knowledge of the substance on Tuesday, saying that if his B sample was positive, that he would act further. "If this analysis confirm the initial result, complaints will be filed against an unknown person for poisoning," he stated then. It was unclear if the claim of poisoning would relate to a deliberate act of sabotage, or the contamination of a supplement. However today he is taking a different stance. "We are currently studying in minute detail what I have eaten and drank prior to the inspection on July 14." Diuretics are regarded as so-called 'specified substances' by the World Anti Doping Agency and others. The classification means that detection of the substance might not lead to the same length ban as with more serious agents; Schleck faces a sanction ranging betwe