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October 14, 2011
Cockfighting and steroids – what a beautiful combination!

Cockfighting Ring In Lancaster, Calif. Broken Up: Meth, Steroids Seized

This cockfighting story has it all — 100 roosters, $1 million in meth, steroids for birds and a deputy named Peck. CBS Los Angeles has unearthed this feather-filled gem in which deputies investigating possible drug sales claim they uncovered a cockfighting ring in Lancaster, Calif. Deputy Lillian Peck told CBS LA that as much as $1 million in meth as well as the roosters and steroids were seized in the bust. Four men and two women were also arrested. As outrageous as this story might seem, it’s not even the biggest alleged cockfighting ring to be broken up this week. The St. Petersburg Timesreported on Thursday that cops say a ring involving seven households and 350 birds was uncovered in Hillsborough, Fla. A possible repeat-cockfighting offender was also arrested earlier this month for running a ring in Medina Township, Ohio, according to Newsnet 5. And on Wednesday, the San Francisco Chroniclereported on a former cockfighting suspect who is suing Alameda County for killing the birds they seized from his home. The cocks were ordered destroyed by a judge because some had Marek's Disease, a contagion that causes internal lesions in fowl.