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November 29, 2012
Change Cycling Now – Doing the right thing!
With all of the negative press the world of cycling has received lately, it's nice to see a group of passionate and vocal leaders step up for change.  Change Cycling Now (changecyclingnow.org) is such a group.  Started by Australian businessman Jaimie Fuller, founder of compression clothing line Skins (skins.net), this group is committed to creating an opportunity for all cyclists and fans of professional cycling to help generate a positive change for the future of the sport.  
Jaimie Fuller
  The Taylor Hooton Foundation applauds and supports the efforts of groups like this - and strongly encourages others to support them as well.  Professional cycling, while not as popular in the US as some of the other sports like baseball and football, enjoys a massive following on the international stage and needs and deserves leadership that is no longer willing to accept the status quo.