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April 14, 2010
Canadian College Football Player Arrested for Steroid Distribution

Think steroids is just an American problem?  Think again.  These illegal drugs are being used by athletes all over the world. Don

Failure to implement policy at pro level sets bad example, university officials say Local university administrators, coaches and players are calling for professional sport's final holdout, the Canadian Football League, to adopt a drug policy now. "You have to attack the issue of performance-enhancing drugs at all levels - high school, university and beyond," said the University of Waterloo's athletics director Bob Copeland whose football team was rocked by the recent arrest of a team member for allegedly trafficking steroids.

Waterloo Regional Police's investigation led to UW's team-wide drug tests and to the random testing of four area university football teams, including Wilfrid Laurier and Guelph.

Meanwhile, the CFL, the potential employer of some university football players, remains the only major pro league in North America without a drug testing program.

And now Canadian universities are looking at the cold reality that their existing drug policy lacks muscle.

The CFL is reportedly working toward developing a drug policy, and not a moment too soon, proponents say.

CFL players have indicated they would agree to a drug policy, provided they have a year's notice, the Montreal Gazette reported last week.

"I think if the CFL were to implement a policy, it could only be positive," said Wilfrid Laurier's head football coach Gary Jeffries. "It sends the right message."

Currently, Canadian Interuniversity Sport athletes are subject to random drug testing for the World Anti-Doping Agency's complete list of banned substances throughout their career and even 18 months after they leave school.

Failed tests can lead to a four-year suspension, but do those sanctions have teeth if the CFL turns a blind eye to drug cheats?