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January 15, 2013
British weightlifter suspended for 2 years for taking steroids
LONDON - UK Anti-Doping has banned weightlifter George Winston for two years after he admitted using banned steroids and a masking agent. The ban, which started Dec 3, 2012, followed an in-competition test on Nov 10. It could have been four years, but because Winston admitted to a doping offense, the maximum under the World Anti-Doping Code is two years. That maximum was criticized on Monday by UK Anti-Doping Chief Executive Andy Parkinson. Announcing Winston's ban, Parkinson said "the automatic benefit of a prompt admission" of doping was among the issues raised in an ongoing review of the code. He said "we do not think that this sends a strong enough message to the sports community and we will continue to press for tougher sanctions for serious dopers in the revised code." http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/british-weightlifter-george-winston-suspended-for-2-years-for-taking-steroids/2013/01/14/c388a0f4-5e4a-11e2-8acb-ab5cb77e95c8_story.html