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December 9, 2015
Brit bodybuilder 'probably on steroids when he killed family then himself in Gibraltar'
A policeman stands guard in Boschetti Street in Gibraltar
Scene: A policeman stands guard near the holiday house
A bodybuilder was probably on steroids and cannabis when he knifed his partner and her two daughters to death then killed himself, an inquest heard. John Shannon, 31, stabbed himself in the neck following the brutal attack at a house in Gibraltar on March 30. Police found a horrific murder scene when they were called to the holiday home Shannon was sharing with his partner Anarda Perez Friman, 37, her daughter Amanda, 4, and their six-week old baby girl Eva. The couple, who lived in Malaga, Spain, were on holiday in Gibraltar and were due to fly to Shannon’s home in Liverpool to introduce baby Eva to her family just days before they died. Police initially believed mum Anarda, who suffered from post-natal depression, had killed her family before committing suicide.
But an inquest in Gibraltar heard post-mortem results indicated the murderer was most probably Shannon. Investigators outlined grim evidence which showed Shannon, who was found with a home-made scabbard attached to his leg, may have used eight knives and cork screw to carry out the horrendous attack. The doors of the house were also locked from the inside, only Shannon’s DNA was found on the murder weapons and his wounds were self-inflicted. It is believed he stabbed baby Eva so hard the blade passed cleanly through her body.
Crime scene: Police outside the house where family was found dead
Post mortem examinations also revealed mum Anarda and her daughter Amanda suffered significant defensive wounds as they desperately fought for their lives. Toxicology tests showed muscle bound Shannon was a habitual cannabis user and also abused anabolic steroids regularly and had high amounts in his system during the frenzied assault. Tests on his blood showed massive levels of testosterone which would have been caused by steroid abuse. The International Olympic Committee puts a blood ratio of four to one as the limit beyond which they suspect an athlete of doping. John Shannon’s ratio was 19:1 when he died.
Inquest: A coroner heard details of how eight knives and a corkscrew were used in the attack
Home Office pathologist Dr Nat Cary concluded long term cannabis use and steroid abuse could be a factor in the deaths of all four. He also revealed Shannon died after stabbing himself in the neck but would not have died quickly. He said: “That allows time for him to have distributed his own blood around the scene after his injury.”
Rock: Family were visiting island from their Malaga home

John Shannon also had several other cuts to his neck which Dr Cary agreed could be described as hesitation marks.

Anarda Perez Friman, and her two daughters were cremated in Gibraltar.

Their ashes were taken to the Canary Islands, where Perez’s family live, to be buried.

John Shannon’s body was flown back to Liverpool for burial.

The inquest continues.