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September 13, 2011
Boxer's death resulted from his use of supplements and steroids
Some of our critics continually issue a refrain that goes something like “where are the bodies?” They would like for you to believe that steroids have never played a role in the deaths of anyone, including my son Taylor. This article summarizes an in-depth review which was done following the recent death of a boxer in Arkansas.  The Arkansas Athletic Commission concluded that the boxer’s use of supplements and anabolic steroids contributed to the death of this 28-year old “fitness guru”.  The boxer died of cardiac arrest and multiple organ failures. We’ll continue to keep you posted on this and other steroid-related tragedies that continue to occur in sports across the spectrum and across the world. Don   It’s has been seven months since an El Dorado boxer died after a heavyweight bout in Central Arkansas. Monday the Arkansas State Athletic Commission released its findings as to what it believes caused his death. While boxing may have a bad reputation as being a dangerous sport, the State Athletic Commission says deaths in combative sports are actually very rare. This is the first professional boxing death in Arkansas according to the commission.   Anthony Jones was 28 years old, athletic, very muscular and described as a fitness guru. Not someone who you would expect to go into cardiac arrest and have multiple organs fail, but that’s what the Arkansas Athletic Commission believes happened to him. He died hours after being knocked out in the second round of a heavyweight bout in Benton in January.   Commissioner Jason Stuart says, “No one thing that was done by Mr. Jones or that happened within his body would have by itself been lethal or fatal to him, but when they all combined into the perfect storm it was something that his body just could not survive.”   According to the report Jones never lost consciousness and the commission says a doctor was by his side within seconds.   While the State Medical Examiner cited a concussion as the primary cause of death, the commission found that wasn’t the main factor.  The investigation found Jones’ use of nutritional supplements including protein, creatine and potassium contributed to his death along with the use of banned anabolic steroids.   Stuart says, “We took great measures to not leave any stone unturned.” http://www.katv.com/story/15444953/athletic-commission-release-report-on-boxers-death