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November 26, 2014
"Bob": A letter that we received from an anonymous steroid user

I used to take testosterone, and it seemed to feel good at first for the first year or so.  But, after that I started noticing a change in mood, sex drive, depression usually when I was not on the juice.  It was prescribed by my doctor for hypogonadism because he said that I did not produce enough testosterone. I did not tell him of the side effects I was experiencing, because I was afraid that he would of cut me off.  I really became addicted to the stuff. I feel many people, especially men, are afraid to discuss these issues with their doctor because of these concerns. Sometimes I feel the doctor knows, but the pharmaceutical companies keep making money off of these drugs. People need to realize the dangers of this drug. I read many of your stories blogs of others that have has issues with testosterone and other illegal steroids.  I feel for them and feel that you are doing the right thing Mr. Hooton.  God bless you. By the way, they are now promoting androgen.  I tried that through my doctor, and that’s even worse.  It’s like they are promoting testosterone more and will make it easier for the youth to get a hold of. Last comment – I feel that police officers should not be taking this drug at all.  I believe it is causing them to have mental issues and react aggressively in an altercation with a person or with the public. This drug will not only cause harm in the long run, but it will destroy families and cause misery anguish and loss of life. Keep up the fight and God keep you strong and many others. There needs to be more lawsuits filed against the manufactures of this product and others.  People think they can take only a little at a time at first, but eventually it gets the best of them in time and they end up abusing the drug. If you use my comment please use anonymous name thank you. My son has been told of your site i will do every thing in my power to keep him from this drug. They make it sound pretty. They call it hormone replacement therapy, but it’s only a cover up for what it really is steroids. People need to realize that God made them to be original and special they don’t need this and other drugs just Jesus hes the best drug ever.