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October 24, 2012
bike-pure calls for UCI investigation
The majority of you will now have seen or read about yesterday's press conference in which the UCI stripped disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles, accepting the USADA Reasoned Decision document into it's findings. The UCI and Pat McQuaid attempted to distance themselves from the fallen hero but they failed miserably in our eyes. The UCI has lost all credibility from within the worldwide cycling community, more so because it must have known the extent of the doping practices that were rife in the sport, doing little in their power to enforce fair play and protect clean honest athletes. We have witnessed the greatest fraud in sporting history unfold before our eyes. We are calling for an independent inquiry and review into how such a deliberate and organised doping system was able to go on under the UCI's noses for such a prolonged period. The UCI have tried their best to deflect themselves away from the dark events of doping but they form a large part of USADA's Reasoned Decision document, therefore it is imperative that they are held accountable to what happened under their watch. There amounts to a catalogue of errors and misjudgements throughout USADA's Reasoned Decision relating to the UCI. There was no apology or responsibility taken from the UCI to the contents of the document. Many questions remain and require solid answers: Why were Astana riders informed of tests, why were anti-doping officials held up by UCI officials? Why did the UCI turn it's back on people who wanted to help? Just some of the questions. Bike Pure Lance Armstrong How can it be that so many (including us) had knowledge of doping during that era and those that made their thoughts public were vilified, often by the UCI themselves. The failure to listen to the pleads of those involved speaks volumes to the lack of the sports world governing body willing to do something about it. An inquiry needs to start now. Testing needs to be implemented by an independent body away from the UCI, we need to see more being done to protect the young riders coming into the sport and we need to evaluate the use of all the doctors within professional teams and those who have doped but failed to acknowledge the damage inflicted on the sport. The whereabouts system also needs to be strengthened because it is clearly being manipulated. We as cycling fans and license holders have more power than we think, we have the right to ask questions of our governing body, ensure they are open and transparent as are the professional teams, leave no doubt in our minds that all is being done to make our sport something we can be truly proud. It is a painful time for cycling, a time to learn from past mistakes to ensure a rider named as Mr. X can no longer triumph at all costs to win the Tour de France. http://bikepure.org/2012/10/now-or-never/