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November 14, 2012
Biggest steroid bust city has ever seen!

Traffic stop turns into steroid bust

Published : Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012, 10:45 PM EST
WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A traffic stop turned into a drug bust in West Hartford, and the drug of choice is steroids. Police say it’s the biggest steroid bust the city has even seen. “Both guys are very nervous, and they are exhibiting all kinds of signs that don’t quite add up for driving around in a car that is unregistered,” said Lt. Stephen Estes, West Hartford PD. Police say it was some heads up work by one of their street officers who gets credit for the largest steroid busts in West Hartford. It happened on South Main St., near I-84. An officer stopped two men in an unregistered car, David McGowan and Nicholas Serafini, and they were acting very strange. “One admits that maybe there are some drugs in the car, but maybe not because they might not be his,” said Lt. Estes, “so we go back and forth and then the other guy admits, yeah, I have some heroin.” Police say after they found the heroin, that’s when they called for the K9 unit and when the dog started sniffing, it went crazy, and that is when they knew they had more than just heroin in the car. “And low and behold we start searching more places and come up with a ton of steroids, hundreds of pills, and five vials of liquid steroid that according to the pharmacists, he can’t even get,” said Lt. Estes. “This is the kind of stuff that only comes from a physician.” Police say they have charged McGowan and Sarafini with possession and manufacturing with intent to sell. The bust is so big that it may not stop with just the two arrests. “Way more than personal consumption, so these two were moving steroids to go somewhere else,” said Lt. Estes. “Any idea where they were going,” asked News 8’s Bob Wilson. “That we don’t know, but we have their cell phones and there was some interesting stuff on their cell phones, so this investigation is still ongoing,” said Lt. Estes.