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September 2, 2014
Detectives from NSW Police Crime Squad have had a major win against an organised crime syndicate busting a steroid manufacturing lab in South-Western Sydney. The report released by NSW Police stated that the following had been seized Inside the premises in the suburb of Punchbowl: – A five litre beaker, containing a liquid form of steroid, inside an oven; – More than 2,900 individual vials of liquid injectable anabolic steroids; – Approximately 700 bottles containing oral anabolic steroids; – A Glock 17 pistol; and, – 12 magazines, all of which were loaded with 9mm ammunition. Cash, electronic equipment, a safe and five motor bikes were also seized from the property. The potential street value of the seized steroids is estimated to be in excess of $365,000. A 43-year-old man was arrested at the residence and charged with a total of 26 offences. With the man now in police custody, the question that remains at large is, will a particular ‘EDM’ festival go ahead? With so little steroids now available, punters have been left feeling insecure and unsure that they will have their balloon style bodies in time for your favourite ‘EDM’ headliners drop? Disclaimer: all dance festivals will go on regardless and drugs are bad mkayyyy
Source: NSW Police