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December 23, 2014
Australia: Police chase production of anabolic steroids
STERIODS SEIZED: Police seize a large amount of ingredients, utensils and cash used in the production of steriods in raids arcoss theToowoomba region. Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle TWO people have been charged with producing and possessing illicit steroids after police raids on residences in Toowoomba and Laidley. Acting Detective Inspector Paul Hart of Toowoomba Criminal Investigation Branch said police had conducted a series of raids in the past week specifically targeting the production and distribution of illicit steroids. The search had turned up a range of items imported from China that had performance enhancing ingredients in such products as orange-powdered Tang which was extracted and mixed with other substances to make illicit steroids. Found in the search of the Harristown house were dangerous drugs in powdered form, crimping tools, electronic scales and other items used in the production of steroids and 200 empty glass vials. A 32-year-old man charged with producing, possessing and supplying a dangerous drug, and possessing drug-related utensils arising from that search will appear in Toowoomba Magistrates Court on January 28. “Our information is that steroids, in particular the use of illicit steroids, is fairly widespread in the community at the moment and it’s not just among the gym community,” Act. Det. Insp. Hart said. Police also seized more than $7700 cash during the search of the Laidley residence along with drugs in powdered and liquid form. A 23-year-old Laidley man will appear in Gatton Magistrates Court on February 22 on charges including producing, possessing and supplying dangerous drugs and possessing Australian currency suspected as being proceeds of drug sales. Act. Det. Inspector Hart said the two men charged were not linked to each other. http://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/police-target-steroid-use/2494014/