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January 27, 2015
Australia: detectives arrest woman on steroids trafficking charges
DETECTIVES from Taskforce Maxima have arrested a 34-year-old woman who is linked to several bikie gangs for the production and trafficking of about $60,000 worth of illegal steroids.
The arrest was a result of investigations into the links between bikies and the supply of illegal steroids. Police will allege after searching a Wavell Heights property on January 6, they located a steroid laboratory including five litres of Clenbuterol, one litre of anabolic steroid oil, 28 grams of powdered anabolic steroid agent, vials containing steroids, purifying machines, adhesive labels and instructions for producing dangerous drugs. It will also be alleged the offenders had label making equipment, suggesting the production of the steroids was for commercial use. The woman has been charged with trafficking and producing illegal steroids and will face Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow. Detective Inspector Brendan Smith of Task Force Maxima said the discovery was concerning. “The use of steroids and its associated violence is increasing,” Detective Inspector Smith said. “The apparent commercial nature of the setup is concerning. “Not only are the products they produce dangerous to the users and the community, the laboratories themselves pose a significant risk of fire and explosion.”