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February 16, 2016
Army Recruitment camp: 2100 caught with steroids and painkillers on Day 5
AGRA: There seems to be no letup in seizure of performance enhancing drugs at the army recruitment camp in Mainpuri, as over 2100 aspirants were found in possession of steroids and painkillers, besides fake rubber stamps of district officials, on the 5th day of the enlistment drive on Tuesday. While the number of candidates debarred from taking the test this morning was almost 35 per cent, as 7000 odd appeared for it, over 8,500 aspirants have been so far shunted out in the last five days for possession of performance enhancing drugs. This figures accounts for almost 25 per cent of the aspirants who appeared for the tests. Talking to TOI Col Srikant Narayan, Army Recruitment officer (Agra) said today’s recruitment drive was for districts Aligarh and Ferozabad. He confirmed that nearly 35% of candidates were not allowed to take the test for possession of banned substances and admitted that this percentage was the highest in the past five days. Srikant said besides today, the seizure of these drugs was particularly high during the recruitment drive for the districts of Hathras and Indian Domicile Gorkha on Feb 12. “On the other days, on an average 15% to 20% per cent of the candidates were debarred for possession of banned substances”, he said Interestingly, despite these rampant attempts by aspirants to cheat the recruitment procedures, the army at present has no proposal to make dope tests compulsory at such drives. When contacted Brig Sandeep Sehgal, Deputy Director General, Recruitment (UP and Uttrakhand) said the dope tests aren’t needed as medical check-ups are conducted after the first screening that includes 1.6 km run and other physical endurance tests. “There is separate team of 7-8 doctors who conduct these test and they are from three different streams,” he said. Sehgal also admitted that neither that have the infrastructure nor the time to conduct mandatory dope tests, as over 7000 candidates appear every day at such camps. He said, “after frisking candidates, we wait for almost 3 hours to begin the physical tests to ensure that the effect of drugs, if used, wears off”. However, in Punjab the army started conducting dope tests last year. According to reports a drugs kit, costing Rs 250, is used to test urine samples for abuse of drugs, cannabis or any other banned substances. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/agra/Army-Recruitment-camp-2100-caught-with-steroids-and-painkillers-on-Day-5/articleshow/51011615.cms