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June 17, 2013
Arlington police department to test for steroids
The City of Arlington, TX will soon randomly test all of their police officers for anabolic steroids.  The testing program will be among the most stringent programs in Texas.  Few law enforcement agencies test their officers for the presence of these drugs. enforcement. The plan will bring Arlington closer to the policy followed by Dallas where they randomly tests officers for narcotics, including steroids, up to three times per year. The new policy on testing follows a federal investigation involving three Arlington officers related to buying and distributing the drugs. One officer involved, David Vo, committed suicide this week. Another, Thomas Kantzos, is facing charges related to using his police computer to tip off a supplier. As we’ve traveled the country, we hear that police and firemen are two groups who are reputed to be steroid users.  As a result, kids tell us that they are not afraid to be arrested for using steroids. For example, one young man told us, “Heck, why would I worry about being caught?  When I work out at the gym, the guy on my left is a cop and the guy on my right is a fireman.  They are both using roids.  No one is going to arrest me.” Reference article:  http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/06/14/i-team-steroid-testing-planned-for-arlington-police/