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December 11, 2013
Arkansas' largest steroid bust (more)
by David Cawton MAGNOLIA, AR. – On Monday police in south Arkansas made one of the largest busts of steroids in state history. It started with a package, intercepted by the U.S. Postal Service and Homeland Security, and it turned into: “The largest seizure of anabolic steroids certainly in the state of Arkansas, possibly even the entire southern part of theU.S.,” Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Columbia County David Butler says. On Tuesday they gave KTVE / KARD exclusive access to the evidence seized from Magnolia and El Dorado. According to police, more than half a million dollars in anabolic steroids were seized over the weekend, along with multiple assault riffles, 4 vehicles and $45,000 Police arrested two men in conjunction: Joshua Hines of Waldo, Arkansas, who is the owner of Extreme LifestyleFitness Center in Magnolia and Robert “Drew” Maza of El Dorado. Police tell us steroids can be a profitable business. Detective Colton Burks adds dealers can mark-up steroids and Human Growth Hormone between 200-300%. He showed us how easy it is to make steroids after the shipment like this one arrives: “They’ll usually get a package from some foreign company,” said Burks “This is Testosterone powder, and when they get it, they break it down with some type of oil.” He tells us this particular operation placed the final product in small glass vials, complete with custom labels, so it looks like a prescription. You may be asking yourself ‘What’s the big deal?’ Police admit, they’re not concerned with the average person who wants to add a little bit of muscle in the gym, they’re worried about steroids getting into the hands of teens. “We’re worried about young people. High school/ college aged kids using these things to bulk up to get a competitive edge in sports and then doing serious damage to their bodies which they don’t even know is happening to them,” adds Butler. That’s why police Chief Glenn Maxwell of Magnolia tells he’s glad all of these agencies could work together to take these harmful drugs off the streets. “I’m really proud of them for the things that they’re doing for the city of magnolia… Columbia county and southArkansas as a whole,” said Chief Maxwell. http://www.myarklamiss.com/story/south-arkansas-police-continue-steroids-investigat/d/story/0rUcLeGyUkWMfg3HeT52Iw