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April 14, 2010
Are Washington Capitals Hockey Players Linked to Steroid Distributor?
Some of the general public are under the impression that steroids are a problem only in professional baseball.  For anyone who keeps up with this column, you will know that this is not the case. Don

When investigators from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida raided the Lakeland home of Richard “Andy” Thomas last year and found $200,000 worth of steroids, the former bodybuilder bragged that he supplied performance-enhancing drugs to members of the Washington Capitals andWashington Nationals.

The investigators apparently believe there was something to Thomas’ boasts: Polk County deputies traveled to the Washington Capitals training facility in Arlington, Va., on Tuesday to question hockey players about their relationship with Douglas Owen Nagel, a D.C.-area chiropractor with ties to Thomas.

Nagel, who has an office near the Caps’ facility and has treated several members of the NHL team, was arrested in Reston, Va. on Tuesday and charged with seven counts related to anabolic steroid distribution.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday night on its Web site that authorities interviewed Capitals head athletic trainer Greg Smith and three players who had been treated by Nagel – forwards Matt Bradley and Eric Fehr and defenseman Shaone Morrisonn. 

An affidavit signed by a Polk County sergeant says Nagel received shipments of steroids from Thomas, a who was arrested last May and charged with importing and distributing steroids through the mail.

“Thomas advised that Nagel worked with professional athletes with the Washington Capitals hockey team and Washington Nationals baseball team and that Nagel had boasted about supplying illegal steroids to several athletes associated with these sports teams,” the affidavit says.