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May 1, 2018
Another Young Man Dies Too Young After Using Anabolic Steroids
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Brandon Emmett Emanuel Char-Lee

Grieving mother brings message to Central Valley bodybuilders

Men and Women were showing off the results of their hard work and discipline at the Fresno classic bodybuilding competition Saturday April 28th. 23-year-old Brandon Char-Lee had been training for the competition as well. But, he didn’t have the chance to compete he passed away on April 24th His mother, Carolyn Char Lunger, says his autopsy cited a history of steroid abuse. she traveled from the bay area to see the competitors and share his story, and hopes it will help save lives. “You only have one body, one life, this means a lot for that split second on stage. I was waiting for a phone call saying I’m getting married, I’m having children. we’re not gonna get that phone call ever. He’s gone. for what? to have these big muscles to show. there’s other ways to do this.” Carolyn hopes that by sharing her story, there can be increased scrutiny on steroid use, there will be a bigger effort to track those who are getting others hooked. http://kmph.com/news/local/grieving-mother-brings-a-message-to-central-valley-bodybuilders