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July 28, 2010
Another victim of steroids?
Over time, we have chronicled a number of cases, including Taylor’s, where steroids were involved in the death of human beings.  Sometimes it’s from depression.  Other times it’s from aggression (‘roid rage). Here is one more of those stories to add to the growing pile. Don


Published: Today

THE bodybuilder held over the murder of his ex-girlfriend in a hospital car park became “bigger and angrier” after getting hooked on steroids, pals revealed last night.

Jonathan Vass, 30 – a 17st ex-bouncer known as Jonny – was last night still being quizzed by police probing the murder of nurse Jane Clough, 26.

A pal spoke out to warn about the dangers of steroid abuse. He said: “All his friends were concerned, his behaviour became a real worry.

“He was building up and building up with the steroids. His mind has been completely altered. As he’s got bigger, he’s got more and more angry.

“He was taking steroids and other drugs including speed on nights out.

“His eyes were all over the place, he was permanently on edge and would make others jittery.

“It’s not the Jonny we knew. He’s got more and more weird. Steroids have turned him into a completely different person.”

Jane’s throat was cut as she walked to her car on Sunday night after finishing her shift at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

She and paramedic Vass split last December, when he was charged with repeatedly raping and assaulting Jane, of Barrowford, Lancs.

Parents John and Penny last night paid tribute to Jane, saying: “Jane was our beautiful precious daughter, loving mother of her baby Imogen and loving sister of Peter and Louise.

“She was a fabulous girl in every sense, she was so gentle and lovely and we are absolutely heartbroken.”

The couple also praised police and thanked Jane’s colleagues for their support.