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May 8, 2019
Another Tragedy Resulting from Energy Drinks
Image result for bang energy drink Dakota is OK now, but I just wanted to warn parents about energy drinks. Dakota (age 15) had a Bang today for the first time. His dad and I were in St. Joe, and Dakota called us saying that he didn’t feel right. He was dizzy, shaky, sweaty, had trouble walking, and felt like his heart was beating really hard. We called his aunt Katie to go check on him and she decided to take him to the ER. After a while the effects slowly started to wear off and he luckily started feeling better. It appears he had a caffeine overdose. One of the nurses told us that Bang has almost twice the caffeine as a Monster. It advertises that it’s fat free and has no sugar which makes you think that maybe it’s not so bad. The amount of caffeine is not listed in the nutritional facts. In an area toward the bottom of the can is a caffeine warning that says it has 300 mg of caffeine that a lot of people won’t notice at first glance. On the way home from the hospital, Dakota told us that he had been afraid that he was having a heart attack. We are so grateful that everything turned out fine for Dakota, but another kid might not get so lucky. One thing we know for sure is that Dakota won’t be having another energy drink again and he agrees.   –Tishia Mackey, Dakota’s Mom