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October 31, 2014
Another steroid dealer busted. Claims sheriff's officers are using steroids.
An Augusta man who alleged sheriff’s officers have used illegal steroids, some for years, came to the attention of a Richmond County Sheriff’s narcotics officer twice, according to an investigator’s affidavit.
B. Paquette  SPECIAL
B. Paquette
Investigator Jason Kennedy signed the affidavit to obtain a search warrant Oct. 16 for 1732 Pennsylvania Ave., the house where Brandon Paquette kept a stash of steroids, a confidential informant told Kennedy.
According to Kennedy, he reviewed text messages in which Paquette writes he was “pretty stocked” with a couple of different steroids that cost $60 and $70 a vial. Each vial, according to the affidavit, contained 10 milliliters. Kennedy asked the informant to do a controlled buy, but the person refused out of fear of Paquette’s brothers, according to the affidavit. In August, another informant also told Kennedy that Paquette was selling steroids at local gyms. That person also refused to participate in a controlled buy, stating a fear of Paquette’s brothers, Kennedy wrote. According to an inventory list from the search of Paquette’s Pennsylvania Avenue house, officers found 46 vials of steroids, four vials of unknown substances, a 40-caliber handgun and a .30-06 rifle. After the search warrant was executed, Paquette allegedly alluded to sheriff’s officers using steroids. News releases from the sheriff’s office indicated the allegations were vague and that no investigation of any officer was underway. But on Oct. 24, a late afternoon release stated the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had been asked to assist with administering a polygraph to Paquette. On Monday, a news release stated the GBI would be investigating Paquette’s allegations. On Tuesday, former narcotics officer and street deputy Michael Swint resigned, according to him, because of an unfair social media storm he faced. Paquette, who faces drug and weapon charges, is free on bond. Paquette’s brother, Cameron Paquette, also faces charges after being accused of threatening a Richmond County sheriff’s narcotics officer in Columbia County. http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/crime-courts/2014-10-30/search-alleged-steroid-dealers-home-yielded-drugs-firearms