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June 24, 2010
Another player arrested in Waterloo steroid scandal
Everyone always wants to believe that “it was just one guy” that was doing steroids. But, in almost every instance we’ve come across, if there is one person using steroids, there is a whole nest of users in a tight circle around that individual.  Sadly, this is turning out to be the case in the ever evolving situation at the University of Waterloo. Don

So far three players, and one former player, are facing drug charges

A week after the football program at the University of Waterloo was suspended over a steroid scandal, another arrest has been made. Third-year linebacker Brandon Krukowski was charged Monday with possession and drug trafficking, in relation to steroid use.

Krukowski is the fourth person to be charged in connection with drug use on the football team. In May, receiver Nathan Zettler was charged, also with drug trafficking, which prompted the testing of the entire Waterloo Warriors football team for steroids. In relation to Zettler's case, Matthew Valeriote, who also plays on the team, and former player Eric Legare have also been charged.

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Last Monday, the university revealed that nine players tested positive for, or admitted to using, steroids. Only two of the players have so far been named, Joe Surgenor and Jordan Meredith. The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports suspended both for two years. After a brief campaign to reverse the university's decision to cancel football for a year, several of the 53 clean players are in the process of transferring to other universities in hopes of being able to play in the fall.

Head coach Dennis McPhee and assistant coach Marshall Bingeman are on paid-leave, while another assistant coach, Carl Zender, quit over the suspension of the team.