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February 2, 2012
Another Fireman Caught Selling Steroids
How many stories have we run from around the country of firefighters and policemen who get caught using/selling anabolic steroids?  We can only wonder how many of these public servants are actually using but have never been caught. Here is a story of a Massachusetts firefighter who was arrested by federal (NOT local) authorities for selling painkillers and steroids. Don

An Attleboro firefighter has been charged by federal authorities with selling prescription painkillers and steroids during a drug deal with an undercover informant.

Federal prosecutors say 49-year-old Michael Wilson was arrested on Wednesday allegedly after he accepted 100 Percocet pills and gave an informant a bottle of liquid steroids.

Wilson faces charges of attempted possession with intent to distribute oxycodone and anabolic steroids and possession with intent to distribute the two drugs.

Wilson allegedly had taped telephone conversations with the informant in which he discussed the sale of the drugs between July and September 2011.