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April 4, 2016
Anabolic steroids entering Tasmania via mail
POLICE are regularly intercepting anabolic steroids sent by mail as bodybuilders in Tasmania order the illicit drugs online for rapid muscle gain.
Northern CIB Detective John King said police and Australian Border Force seized the drugs via the mail system,  the most common route of importation detected.
“We do see quite often steroids being seized in that capacity,” he said. While the amount of the drugs seized each year is not quantified, Detective King said police received a “constant trickle” of information about their use. Launceston defence lawyer Evan Hughes said the anabolic steroid trade in Tasmania was connected with the sale of other illicit drugs. Illicit drug possession cases relating to steroids had increased, although remained low, Mr Hughes said. “Now it is something you do see in practice. “It worries me because the people in possession of those tend to be people involved in the illicit drug trade,” he said. The combined use of steroids and other drugs, and the connection between their trade worried him the most.
 Detective Inspector King said police received reports of behavioural issues involving people using steroids, which can cause aggressiveness.
Police often counselled steroid users about the risks associated with the drug in cases where there was insufficient evidence for charges, he said. Users purchased the products over the internet and received them by post, Detective Inspector King said. http://www.examiner.com.au/story/3826371/steroids-entering-state-via-mail/