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April 4, 2016
Anabolic steroid use increases hypertension risk
Endocrine Today BOSTON — Researchers employing 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement have found a link between use of unprescribed anabolic androgenic steroids and increased systolic blood pressure and risk for systolic hypertension, especially at night. In a cross-sectional study, Jon Bjarke Jarløv Rasmussen, MD, of Herlev University Hospital, in Denmark, and colleagues, evaluated 88 men aged 50 years or younger: 37 were categorized as ongoing abusers of anabolic androgenic steroids (mean age, 31.4 years), 26 as former abusers (mean age, 35 years; median 2.1 years since abstinence), and 25 who had never used anabolic androgenic steroids as controls (mean age, 30.9 years). Duration of steroid use was similar between the study groups. All participants reported recreational strength training.
Jon Rasmussen

Jon BjarkeJarløvRasmussen

Reasearchers measured 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure, every 20 minutes between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and every 60 minutes the rest of the night. Participants with at least 10 valid daytime and three valid nighttime measurements were included in the analyses. Researchers performed statistical analyses using systolic and diastolic BP as dependent variables in a mixed model. Daytime systolic BP was higher in both the current and former abusers groups compared with controls (131.1 vs. 127.4 vs. 122.5 mm Hg; P < .01 and P = .02, respectively). Current abusers had higher nighttime systolic BP compared with controls (124.9 vs. 114.2 mm Hg; P < .01) and higher frequency of nighttime systolic hypertension (60.6%) compared with former abusers (24%) and controls (21.7%; P < .01 for both). Diastolic BP was similar between the groups. The researchers hope to “increase awareness of the unwanted side effects of misusing anabolic androgenic steroids,” Rasmussen told Endocrine Today. “Hypertension could be the link between anabolic steroids misusers and their increased risk of cardiovascular disease.” http://www.healio.com/endocrinology/cardiometabolic-disorders/news/online/%7Ba8157e51-0ae4-4d7a-b677-534f7778e936%7D/anabolic-steroid-use-can-increase-hypertension-risk