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October 2, 2013
ALERT!!! Cases of liver failure linked to diet supplement
Update: 10/1: The number of cases have tripled since the weekend.  The State Department of Health confirms, 32 cases of liver failure are now linked to a diet supplement.   Since an alert went out state and nationwide, the department has been getting flooded with calls.  Most are not related cases but 32 are being investigated by the State and FDA.  All the cases are in Hawaii right now. Update 10:15a.m.: The State Department of Health now says the number of affected patients in Hawaii is at least ten, up from seven reported on Thursday. Original story: Seven people are in Hawaii hospitals suffering from liver failure after taking supplements to lose weight and gain muscle. The Department of Health sent out an alert to medical professionals nationwide.  The letter asks doctors and dietitians to report any patients suffering from liver conditions who were taking supplements. Of the seven, one had to have a transplant, two others are on the transplant list, and another could be added to the list. All of the patients were healthy before taking the supplements. “That’s the scary, or worrisome thing, ” says State Epidemiologist Sarah Park.  “They were previously healthy.” Dr. Park expects the number of cases to grow now that the alert has gone out. “Seven to ten cases are easy to link in Hawaii,” Dr. Park says.  “But in larger states, it may be harder.” Dr. Park would not give a specific brand name because she says there could be more than one supplement containing the ingredient in question.  She also did not reveal the ingredient, but, Hawaii News Now has learned that the ingredient is found in Oxy Elite Pro, a supplement commonly used by bodybuilders.  That company got a letter from Federal Drug Administration last year not because of a link to liver problems.   The letter was about the, then,  new ingredient it contained. Dr. Park says the FDA and CDC have now joined the investigation. http://m.hawaiinewsnow.com/#!/newsDetail/23544063