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March 8, 2011
50 Cent Accuses Manny Pacquiao of Steroid Use

Rapper 50 Cent has entered the world of boxing — not the ring, but he’s accused Manny Pacquiao of using steroids.

 According to an article by Examiner.com’s boxing writer Michael Marley, 50 Cent spent the weekend posting “dirty” tweets that said Pacquiao uses PEDs. 50 Cent offered no proof to back up his claims.

Here are two of the tweets:

“There is 3 ways to beat Steroid Pacquiao he has been knocked out twice and lost a decision I stand behind my country USA all day”

“If anybody that’s following me think that Steroid Pacquiao with 3 losses can beat are 41-0 American champ @ FloydMayweather stop following me”

Bleacher Report says 50 Cent was with his good friend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in a club in Florida when he sent the message. So far Mayweather has refused to fight Pacquiao — or Pacquiao has refused to fight Mayweather, depending on whom you believe. There is no indication that Mayweather had anything to do with the tweets or endorses them in any way.

But Marley writes that the rapper’s credibility is somewhat tainted:

50 Cent, who sold crack on the streets of South Jamaica, Queens, in his troubled teenaged years, is probably the last guy who should be accusing anyone else of using HGH or anabolic steroids, be that person an athlete, an entertainer or a candlestickmaker.

I’ve got a news flash for "Fitty." This is the age of Google, chief, this is not a time period when either the media or the public has total amnesia. It’s a time when people put their search modes to good use.

The rapper turned actor, who once blew his body up from six foot, 160 pounds to 240 pounds, may be doing what mental health professionals call "projecting," meaning accusing another of doing what he may have been doing.

Marley points out that according to a report in the Albany Times-Union three years ago, 50 Cent was among several celebrities targeted in a criminal investigation into steroids and other PEDs. No charges ever came of it.

Marley writes:

But should 50 Cent be accusing Pacquiao?

Maybe people possibly living in HGH Houses should not throw the first syringe if you get my drift.

Pacquiao has never been named by the media as being a target of a criminal probe involving steroids and other banned drugs.

Maybe 50 Cent is just looking into his own mirror. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/50-cent-accuses-manny-pacquiao-of-steroid-use