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September 22, 2015
19-year old steroid-using bodybuilder collapsed and died after heart attack
Andrej Gajdos
Andrej Gajdos
A 19-year-old fitness fanatic died within minutes after a major artery suddenly ruptured. Andrej Gajdos, from Weston-super-Mare, collapsed outside a Tesco branch in the town on May 29. Although members of the public and paramedics tried to revive him, an inquest at Avon Coroners’ Court heard that he died almost instantly. The student at Weston College had a ruptured thoracic aorta, the section of the main artery which runs through the chest. Mr Gajdos, an apprentice programmer, went to the gym twice a day, and traces of anabolic steroids and testosterone were found in his body after he died. His family also found four different types of steroids in his flat. And the inquest heard that Mr Gajdos, who was 7ft 2 inches tall, had extraordinarily large organs, which may have put strain on his heart muscles. Dr John Oxley, the consultant who carried out Mr Gadjos’ post-mortem, said that he had “never met a man so big”. He said: “Andrej’s heart weighed 680g, and a normal heart is between 400 and 500g. He wasn’t a normal man. “It is extremely rare for a young person to have a torn aorta like that. I have only seen one other case in 15 years. “Normally, there is an underlying genetic abnormality. “His history of bulking out at the gym made me suspect he had been taking steroids for a long time, his upper-body muscles were enormous. “Steroids would have enlarged his heart, and having a big heart predisposes thoracic rupture.”
Dr Oxley said he could not be sure whether the teenager’s steroid use had been the direct cause of his death, or why he had such large organs. Mr Gajdos, who was born in Slovakia, had previously been diagnosed with lung problems, including bronchiectasis, a long-term condition where the airways become abnormally wide. The inquest heard that his GP also suspected he suffered with acromegaly, a disorder caused by excess production of growth hormones. This was never confirmed. Summing up, assistant coroner Dr Peter Harrowing said that he could not be sure of how much the teenager’s steroid use contributed to his death. He said: “The medical cause of death was a ruptured thoracic aorta. “Once the aorta had ruptured, death would have been almost instant. There was no chance of Andrej surviving that. “We do know Andrej worked out at the gym and tests show he had recently taken anabolic steroids when he died. “He had an extremely large heart and a very large muscle mass.” Recording a narrative verdict, he added: “Such a tear is a very rare event, and the most likely cause is genetic. But I cannot record a verdict of natural causes.” Desana Krajcikova, Mr Gajdos’ mother, said he was loved and missed by the community in Weston-super-Mare. She said: “He was known and loved by many people. Burying your son isn’t something anyone should ever have to do, but we got the verdict we wanted.” Read more: http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Bodybuilder/story-27846872-detail/story.html#ixzz3mUFZ8XlA