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September 11, 2012
17-year old rugby player tests positive
Quotes from Why our juniors need to learn from adult dopes from www.News24.com The SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport has warned that schoolboy rugby players are spending thousands of rands on supplements and steroids to 'beef up'. A young athlete, just 17 years old, has tested positive before a rugby festival in Port Elizabeth. Now facing a two-year ban, the young man has destroyed his changes of competing and earning a right to play at the next level. The issue is back in the spotlight after a 17-year-old teenager tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone at the under-18s Craven Week rugby festival in Port Elizabeth in July. He faces a two year ban. The article goes on to state the young man hasn’t had the best examples to look up to, as Jaap Stam, Lance Armstrong, and many other professionals have come under fire for using steroids in their sports. Our goals as a Foundation include making professionals set a better example for young athletes. Since sporting was invented, younger athletes have looked up to those that have reached the upper echelon of athletics. And if these athletes are using steroids, why shouldn’t they? As a coach or parent, learn how to talk to your kids about about these dangerous and illegal steroids.