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 Brad Cunningham speaks about his personal experience with using anabolic steroids.
 Don Hooton speaks about steroids and other appearance and performance enhancing drug use.
Although most adults are unaware of the problem, there is a national epidemic of anabolic steroid (and other Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs) use by our young people. This video exposes many of the myths and ignorance about this problem and suggests that education is needed to tackle the issue.MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and former NY Yankee Andy Pettitte appear in this powerful video.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video accumulation of testimonials from real young people should drive the point home that steroid use is dangerous. And that the use of steroids by youth is much more prevalent than most adults are aware of.
Statement Before Congress On Steroid Abuse in Baseball - delivered 17 March 2005, Washington, D.C.CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Dick Butkus joins with the Taylor Hooton Foundation

NFL Legend Dick Butkus has teamed up with The Taylor Hooton Foundation to educate young Americans about the dangers of anabolic steroids

Hooton Family Interview

This is a video of the Hooton family, speaking about the loss of their son Taylor Hooton.

Marrero Family Interview

Frank Marrero and his family speak about the death of their son, Efrain.

The Dangers of Taking Steroids Dr. Gary Wadler of NYU speaks about the dangers of steroids
Michael Harris discusses his personal experience with steroid usage at Hampton Foundation Youth Foundation camp.
Steroids Sold Over the Counter in Health Food Stores
The Secret Edge: Steroids in High Schools
Girls and Steroids: Anything to be Thin
High Schoolers Unknowlingly Taking Steroids
Are supplements safe?