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Dangerous steroid userage among men over 50 has doubled in 5 years

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Middle-aged men are increasingly taking potentially dangerous anabolic steroids in a bid to remain youthful, according to a report by The Guardian newspaper. Experts told the newspaper that men were taking the drugs in a similar way to menopausal women receive hormone replacement therapy.

While use of the drugs can help combat weight gain and a lower libido, associated with ageing, misuse can result in moderate to severe side effects.… Continue Reading...

Russian Deputy Prime Minister says having sex can affect doping results of female athletes

On Friday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said that women’s doping results could be inaccurate if the athletes have had sexual intercourse in the days before the test, the BBC reported.

“If you have sex five days before taking a doping test, they can find male DNA in you,” said Mutko.… Continue Reading...

NFL suspends Saints safety Vaccaro 4 games under PED policy

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METAIRIE, La. (AP) – New Orleans Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro will serve a four-game suspension, starting this Sunday at Tampa Bay, because he violated league rules pertaining to performance enhancing drug use, the NFL announced Friday.

The league did not specify which banned substance was found in Vaccaro’s system. The league not only bans steroids, but also diuretics that have been known to mask steroid use, so a positive test for either could have triggered a suspension.… Continue Reading...

FDA adds new warning, updated labeling for T products

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The FDA has announced that it added a new warning and has updated labeling for all prescription testosterone drugs. The changes reflect published research on risks associated with abuse and dependence of testosterone and other anabolic-androgenic steroids, according to an FDA announcement.

The new warning information is meant to alert prescribers about potential abuse associated with testosterone drugs.… Continue Reading...

Anabolic Steroids Easily Obtained Without Rx

Alert patients that use of performance-enhancing drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Alert patients that use of performance-enhancing drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

The typical consumer can easily purchase synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids, injectable testosterone, and adjunctive therapies over the Internet without a prescription, a new study confirms.

James McBride, MD, Culley C. Carson III, MD, and Matt Coward, MD, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, performed Google searches for top-ranking websites selling anabolic steroids and testosterone, as well as recovery agents and erectile dysfunction medications.… Continue Reading...

Amateur Athletes Who Use Steroids Experience Side Effects Both on and Off Testosterone



Since the 1980s, illicit use of androgenic and anabolic steroids has spread from elite athletes into the general population. Despite the high level of steroid use among amateur athletes, little is known about this population. Mayo Clinic researchers sought to identify and characterize patterns of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) in a cohort of this population.… Continue Reading...

Doping in sports: is it worth it?

Since sports were invented, people have cheated. From figure skaters breaking competitors’ legs, to marathon runners disappearing into the crowd and taking the subway, scandal populates sporting history.

Lance Armstrong, retired American cycling hero and cancer survivor, was stripped of all his titles and banned for life in 2012; he took the fall, but was he just the scapegoat?
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Sandy: The Perils of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Lisa Marie Shaughnessy
By:  Lisa Marie Shaughnessy
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When I introduced Steroid and Testosterone Addicts Anonymous to a group therapists and behavioral health professionals this week, I received an overwhelming response.
Three therapists, who have patients addicted to steroids in the form of testosterone, said their patients’ lives had become a shambles. … Continue Reading...

Steroids: Keighley Cougars Rugby player given four-year ban

Keighley Cougars centre Daley Williams has been given a four-year ban after testing positive for anabolic steroids.

Williams says, steroid abuse is “widespread through all levels of rugby”

Williams, 29, tested positive for drostanolone and a metabolite of stanozolol in an out of competition test by UK Anti-Doping on 5 March 2015.… Continue Reading...

Teenager’s Artery Bursts Due to Steroid Use

Teenager’s Artery Bursts Due to Steroid Use

A bodybuilder that idolized a professional wrestler’s death caused by the enlargement of his heart caused by steroids and leading to an artery bursting in his chest has prompted concern about the mental states of teenagers that face body image issues

We live in a day and age where practically everybody is suffering from some kind of major body issue.… Continue Reading...