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10 Things To Know About Dietary Supplements for Children and Teens

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Nearly 12 percent of children (about one in nine) in the United States use a complementary health approach, such as dietary or herbal supplements. Some teens use products advertised as dietary supplements for weight loss or bodybuilding. Increasingly, products sold as dietary supplements, particularly for weight loss and bodybuilding, contain ingredients that could be harmful, including prescription drug ingredients and controlled substances.… Continue Reading...

Testosterone makes men less likely to question their impulses

Hotheaded, impulsive men who shoot first and ask questions later are a staple of Westerns and 1970s cop films, but new research shows there might be truth to the trope.

A study conducted by researchers from Caltech, the Wharton School, Western University, and ZRT Laboratory tested the hypothesis that higher levels of testosterone increase the tendency in men to rely on their intuitive judgments and reduce cognitive reflection — a decision-making process by which a person stops to consider whether their gut reaction to something makes sense.

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How a dietary supplement was tied to rare case of liver failure

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Dr. Rohit Satoskar doesn’t know Marcus Joyner or why he needed a liver transplant, but he  knows this: When healthy individuals in their 20s undergo that procedure, it usually means something out of the ordinary has occurred. Something very out of the ordinary.

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Supplements may cost people more than money

A 2015 research study found that 60 to 70 percent of active-duty members and 44 to 53 percent of Department of Defense civilians use at least one dietary supplement per week. The study also found that people who used one to two supplements per week were 1.5 times more likely to report abnormal heartbeats. People using three to four supplements were three times more likely to report abnormal heartbeats. (U.S. Air Force photo / Senior Airman Amber Carter)

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – Would you take dietary supplements to run faster, build larger muscles and trim your waistline? Would the cost be worth that price?

Two Army soldiers formerly assigned in Europe learned the price they paid was not worth it. Both have been hospitalized with liver failure after using a German-made supplement purchased online, said Lt.… Continue Reading...

Maria Sharapova Had To Google The Drug She Was Taking

See, Maria Sharapova is not that different from you. (Well, except maybe for a few things such as her over $285 million in tennis earnings.) The tennis star recently said that she didn’t know what meldonium was until testing positive in January 2016 at the Australian Open for the recently banned substance.… Continue Reading...

Dietary Supplements and Cancer Treatment: A Risky Mixture

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Patients undergoing cancer treatment often experience not only pain and discomfort from their disease, but also the potentially debilitating side effects caused by their treatments.

Some patients who do not receive adequate palliative care to lessen these side effects, or those driven to do anything possible to feel better while fighting their disease, may turn to dietary supplements advertised as having anticancer effects or being supportive of general health, frequently without consulting a health care professional.… Continue Reading...

Urgent recall issued of weight-loss drug containing a banned substance

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Labri’s Body Health Atomic was recalled by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration Thursday because the weight-loss drug contains a banned substance.

The e-mail announcing the recall contained the alert “URGENT” so rare, it’s not even used for E. Coli outbreaks.

Labri’s Body Health Atomic, a product of Envy Me and sold nationwide via the Internet, contains Sibutramine.… Continue Reading...

Supplement Manufacturer Spiking Product with Steroids: Found Guilty of Conspiracy

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SK Laboratories Inc., a manufacturer of dietary supplements in California under criminal indictment in Texas, received more bad news in March after a jury in Virginia found one of its executives guilty of conspiracy and mail fraud.

In the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia, 33-year-old Sitesh Bansi Patel was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to defraud FDA, one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and three counts of mail fraud, the U.S.… Continue Reading...

Students think it’s ‘normal’ to use performance enhancing drugs

The lowest use of performance enhancing drugs was in Turkey in Europe where the study was conducted. (Photo: Pixabay)

A European study has revealed that the majority of university students believe it is the social norm to use drugs like Ritalin to enhance academic performance – despite very few having used stimulants themselves.

The project looked at attitudes towards the ‘non-medical use of prescription medicines’ among university students in seven EU countries and was co-authored by Dr Robert Dempsey, Lecturer in Psychology at Staffordshire University, alongside colleagues across Europe.… Continue Reading...

Choose dietary supplements wisely

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The Department of Justice entered into a comprehensive agreement with GNC, a widely-known distributor of dietary supplements, seeking to reform the practice and usage of supplements. The announcement came long-overdue, as an investigation concluded that distributors were failing to ensure the safety and lawfulness of the products on their shelves.… Continue Reading...