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Sleep and Athletic Performance

by:  Jeff Rothschild, CSCS, USAW, MS cand.

If there was a pill that could make you happier, smarter, stronger, less likely to be injured, improve basketball shooting percentage by 9% and tennis serving accuracy by 24%, would you take it? Surely that would be the most expensive pill ever created, but what if it were free?… Continue Reading...

Lack of sleep may make junk food more appealing

(CBS News) Guilty of unhealthy snacking when you stay up late at night? A new study shows that eating sweets and chips looks like a better idea for people who haven’t had a lot of sleep.

Subjects who looked at pictures of unhealthy snack food had more brain activity in the reward centers of their brain when they had restricted sleep compared to those who were able to get a full night’s rest.… Continue Reading...

Sleep Deprivation Can Hinder Sports Performance

Research finds a lack of sleep may reduce an athlete’s ability to compete

Most athletes would agree that getting enough sleep is important for optimal sports performance, but until recently this was just a theory without much evidence to back it up. But now researchers are discovering just how much sleep deprivation can impact athletic performance.… Continue Reading...