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Lachlan Foote, 21, dies after drinking protein shake containing enough ’caffeine for FIFTY coffees’

Lachlan Foote, protein powder

Lachlan Foote, 21, was set to celebrate his 22nd birthday the following day but instead his family were grieving their son’s death.

His body was found on the bathroom floor of the family’s home in Blackheath, New South Wales, Australia after he downed the muscle building drink.

But they have only just discovered the cause of death, and are sharing the heartbreaking story in the hope of “saving someone else’s life”.… Continue Reading...

Hidden Facts about Pre-Workout Supplements


Have you found yourself overwhelmed or intimidated when circling the aisles of a supplement store? Don’t feel bad as I’ve been researching the effects of dietary supplements on athletic performance for over 15 years and I still struggle to keep up with the new development of supplement companies that are joining the competition.… Continue Reading...