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‘Roid Killers in Syria

Musclebound militiamen pumped up on steroids are keeping Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad in power - and carrying out massacres so his government troops won't be blamed.

The Shabiha militiamen - from the Arabic word "shabah" or "ghost" - are described as low-IQ thugs who love their tattoos and black T-shirts as much as their machetes and AK-47s.… Continue Reading...

Steroid-crazed thugs slaughtering civilians in Syria

Syria’s ‘Ghost’ killers: Steroid-mad thugs who keep tyrant al-Assad’s murderous regime in power are terrorizing civilians

Death squads have swooped on villages and massacred women and children - slitting their throats or shooting them at point-blank range

Vanishing with the remains of their slaughtered victims, President al-Assad's pumped up monsters are roaming Syria committing atrocities.

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