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High School teacher caught distributing steroids


David Darden is a science teacher at Albertville High School. He was arrested Nov. 3 on charges of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance. (Photo: Marshall County Jail)

David Darden

Albertville High School (WHNT News 19 file)

Albertville High School

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – An Albertville High School teacher was arrested at his home on Thursday.  David Darden is charged with possession of a controlled substance and six counts of distribution.

The Marshall County Drug Task Force arrested Darden after serving a search warrant.  They said he was distributing testosterone and anabolic steroids.… Continue Reading...

Kids dying on the field from heart attacks. Could it be caused by energy drinks?

High amounts of sugar and caffeine can aggravate underlying heart issues, causing fatal arrhythmias

Too many adolescents and young adults, energy drinks have become essential for getting through the day. But they carry a serious risk of sudden death, a new study finds.

An international research team, led by Dr. Fabian Sanchis-Gomar of Madrid, Spain, has concluded that energy drinks are the cause of many sudden cardiac deaths in young, healthy individuals.… Continue Reading...

Steroids are used by high school students in Waterloo

It’s been three years since a steroid scandal at the University of Waterloo shone a bright light on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in Canadian university sports.

In total, nine of the school’s football players tested positive for, or admitted to using, steroids.

One player, Nathan Zettler, pleaded guilty to criminal charges and was sentenced to jail time, while the school suspended its entire football program for one seaso

Waterloo athletics director Bob Copeland recalls his “gut-wrenching” reaction when he realized how prevalent the drugs were among his athletes.
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Dietary supplement use can be a “gateway” to steroid use

A report released to CTV News shows that steroids are being used by high school students in Waterloo Region.

But while only six of the 700 students surveyed admitted to steroid use, approximately 250 said they’re using some form of health supplement.

Nearly 10 per cent of students surveyed responded that they’re using three or more such supplements.… Continue Reading...

THF Selected to Educate Rhode Island High Schoolers During 2013- 2014 Academic Year

Taylor Hooton Foundation Selected to Educate Rhode Island High Schoolers During 2013-2014 Academic Year

McKinney, TX (August 16, 2013) The Taylor Hooton Foundation (THF), widely acknowledged leader in the advocacy against performance enhancing substance abuse by the youth of North America, announced today that they have been selected by the Rhode Island InterscholasticLeague (RIIL) to present their education programs in all of the high schools in the state duringthe upcoming school year as part of a new RIIL project, Operation Clean Competition. … Continue Reading...

HS Football coach facing steroid charges

Readers, this is our worst nightmare!  A local high school football coach busted for steroids.

We are reaching out to local school authorities now, but I predict that what we will hear is “shock” and total surprise that their students could possibly be using steroids or that local coaches could be involved.… Continue Reading...

Steroid use in schools a big problem in South Africa

Hundreds of schools across South Africa are subjecting pupils to drug and breathalyser tests in a desperate attempt to curb an alarming increase in drug abuse.

And, on the eve of schools’ annual Easter rugby festivals, which kick off this week, the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) has warned it will be testing players for anabolic steroids.

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Average age for youth supplement use: 10.8 years old!


Please pay attention to this new data (which we believe understates the magnitude of this problem).  Parents and coaches are pushing young athletes to begin taking supplements at surprisingly young ages.  The average age for youth supplement use is now 10.8 years old!

Please read that again and let it sink in.… Continue Reading...

A Stand Against Steroids

Carlos Umana, 17, loves the game of basketball but if there is one thing he hates it is cheaters — especially those who use steroids.

That philosophy gave him an idea on how to reach his peers and discourage the use of performance-enhancing substances in sports.

His idea landed him the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s True Sports Award, earning the Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso — Janacek Unit $2,000 to put his plan into effect at the National Keystone Conference on March 22-25 in Fort Bliss.Continue Reading...

High School Football Coach Investigated for Selling Steroids

Here is the story of a Maryland high school coach under investigation for selling anabolic steroids.

If it turns out this guy has been selling these drugs to kids, they should lock him up and put him UNDER the jail!


A Wicomico High School football coach under investigation by police for steroid possession and distribution, and sex offense accusations has been suspended, according to school board officials.… Continue Reading...