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Should I take dietary supplements while pregnant?

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Women who are pregnant or childbearing age need more folate (“folic acid”), iron, and iodine. Experts recommend a prenatal multivitamin supplement to make sure you get enough essential nutrients. TRICARE covers prescription prenatal vitamins but not cover over-the-counter ones.

Folic acid can prevent certain birth defects, but many of these can begin before you even know you’re pregnant.… Continue Reading...

10 Things To Know About Dietary Supplements for Children and Teens

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Nearly 12 percent of children (about one in nine) in the United States use a complementary health approach, such as dietary or herbal supplements. Some teens use products advertised as dietary supplements for weight loss or bodybuilding. Increasingly, products sold as dietary supplements, particularly for weight loss and bodybuilding, contain ingredients that could be harmful, including prescription drug ingredients and controlled substances.… Continue Reading...

How America’s Flawed Supplement Law Creates the Mirage of Weight Loss Cures

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Dr. Mehmet Oz, “America’s Doctor,” recently testified before Congress on why he was promoting supplements containing Garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones, green coffee extract and other unproven ingredients as weight loss miracles.  He acknowledged that “sometimes they don’t have the scientific muster to pass as fact”. 1 In fact, there is no legal over-the-counter botanical supplement that has demonstrated clinical efficacy as a diet pill.… Continue Reading...

Is The Warning That Creatine’s Not For Teens Getting Through?

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Creatine, a chemical constituent of meat and fish that’s legally been sold online, in supermarkets, health food stores and vitamin shops for at least a couple of decades, may be the most commonly used muscle-building supplement marketed.

But the safety and effectiveness of creatine hasn’t been rigorously analyzed by the Food and Drug Administration in the way that drugs are evaluated.… Continue Reading...

NO supplements or not??

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“Explosive workouts.” “Extreme pumps.” “Enhanced endurance.” These are just some of the marketing claims used to promote nitric oxide (NO) supplements. Interestingly though, NO supplements don’t actually contain any nitric oxide, which is a gas. Instead, these types of supplements usually contain amino acids plus various other ingredients. So will these supplements fulfill their promises of improving your performance or are they just “full of hot air”?

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How Much Protein Can Your Muscles Absorb In One Sitting?

How Much Protein Can Your Muscles Absorb In One Sitting?

Here’s what you should really do if you want to maximize your gain


It would seem logical that the more protein you pack away during a meal, the bigger your muscles would grow.

But your body doesn’t work that way. There’s a certain amount of protein your muscles can absorb in one sitting.

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UNREGULATED: The hidden drugs in your favorite supplements

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When you take a prescription drug in the United States, you can be reasonably sure of what’s in it. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all pharmaceuticals be thoroughly tested in humans, that they contain whatever ingredients are listed on the label, and that they have evidence to back their marketing claims.… Continue Reading...

U.S. announces lawsuits against makers of Jack3d, other dietary supplements

USPlabs, which made the workout supplement Jack3d, and six of its executives face criminal charges for the unlawful sale of the nutritional supplement, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday in announcing a larger probe by multiple federal agencies aimed at stemming the sale of unproven nutritional supplements.

Six executives with USPlabs LLC and a related company, S.K.… Continue Reading...

Attn Parents: Adulterated dietary supplements threaten the health and sporting career of up-and-coming young athletes

By:  Travis Tygart and Amy Eichner of USADA

The anti-doping world is all too familiar with ‘sports’ or ‘performance enhancing’ dietary supplements (i.e., products marketed for body building, weight-loss, pre-workout/energy) that are adulterated with stimulants, anabolic agents, and pharmaceuticals, either by accidental contamination or by deliberate spiking. But the larger community surrounding developing young athletes is often not aware of the lurking health and anti-doping risks such products pose.

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Federal officials raise alarm on dietary supplement use

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Federal officials, in a scientific journal set for release Monday, raise an alarm about the huge popularity of unregulated — and in some cases, unsafe — dietary supplements among military personnel and young athletes.… Continue Reading...