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PGA Tour adds blood testing for PEDs next season

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Starting next season, the PGA Tour will implement significant changes to its anti-doping procedure.

The Tour is adding blood testing and bringing its list of banned performance-enhancing substances in line with the World Anti-Doping Association, the Associated Press reports.

The changes, which will take effect when the new season begins in October, will allow for the detection of Human Growth Hormone, which cannot be found through urine samples. 

However, the Tour plans to use urine samples for most of its testing.

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Golfer sanctioned for PED violation after eating ‘contaminated meat’

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Mathias Eggenberger

The International Golf Federation has determined that Swiss amateur Mathias Eggenberger violated its anti-doping policy while competing at the 2016 World Amateur Team Championships in Mexico.

His offense? Eating “contaminated meat” containing low levels of clenbuterol, a banned substance.

Although the investigation into the incident concluded that Eggenberger was guilty of “no fault or negligence,” the IGF nonetheless disqualified Eggenberger’s individual competition results and penalized Switzerland’s team.… Continue Reading...

Steroid use in the LPGA?

Written by: Larry Bohannan. The Desert Sun

Q: What's your take on steroid use on the LPGA Tour? If in fact they are used how do the women's taking then get around being caught. Do you have an opinion on Tiger's usage of steroids?

A: Ah, steroids, steroids, when will they go away? 

Okay, let's take the questions one at a time.

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