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Cobb County firefighters, police officer under investigation for steroid use

It seems like every other day or so another municipality is having to investigate their police and fire departments for illegal steroid use!

And people wonder where our kids get the idea that these drugs are okay for them to use.



Five firefighters and an officer in Cobb County are under investigation, accused of using steroids to bulk up.Continue Reading...

Georgia public officials being investigated for steroids


The Cobb County Government is investigating claims that six employees may have taken and/or distributed steroids without a prescription.

The investigation, which began during the week of May 20, originally focused on one former firefighter accused of using steroids in 2010.

Additional claims that other firefighters and a police officer could be involved led to further investigation.… Continue Reading...

NJ Passes law to fight steroid use by police

States are beginning to recognize that steroid use by cops is a problem.  And they are passing laws to deal with it.

When are we going to wake up and realize that our kids are abusing these drugs, too?


A bill sponsored by Hoboken Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr. and other Assembly Democrats meant to crack down on steroid abuse in New Jersey's law enforcement and firefighting communities was approved Friday in an unanimous vote by the state Assembly.

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Fireman faces 20 yrs in prison for selling steroids

Another firefighter was arrested on drug charges by the DEA is being held in federal custody.

Michael B. Wilson of  South Attleboro, MA is accused of selling $250 worth of steroids to a DEA informant. He was home at the time with his 3-year-old daughter and an unidentified man and was taken into custody by DEA agents, according to court records.… Continue Reading...

Another Fireman Caught Selling Steroids

How many stories have we run from around the country of firefighters and policemen who get caught using/selling anabolic steroids?  We can only wonder how many of these public servants are actually using but have never been caught.

Here is a story of a Massachusetts firefighter who was arrested by federal (NOT local) authorities for selling painkillers and steroids.… Continue Reading...