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Alise Willoughby wins second BMX world title

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Alise Willoughby earned her second BMX world title in three years, boosting her hopes to improve on her Rio Olympic silver medal in Tokyo next year.

“Coming into this I was down in the dumps at the start of the day, I started my day on the ground,” Willoughby said, referring to a crash in an earlier round Saturday, according to USA Cycling.… Continue Reading...

PGA Tour adds blood testing for PEDs next season

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Starting next season, the PGA Tour will implement significant changes to its anti-doping procedure.

The Tour is adding blood testing and bringing its list of banned performance-enhancing substances in line with the World Anti-Doping Association, the Associated Press reports.

The changes, which will take effect when the new season begins in October, will allow for the detection of Human Growth Hormone, which cannot be found through urine samples. 

However, the Tour plans to use urine samples for most of its testing.

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DeGale: We’re Risking Our Lives; PED Epidemic in Boxing Must Stop

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James DeGale admits he once was naïve to how prevalent performance-enhancing drug use is in boxing.

Now, however, DeGale doesn’t want to participate in a fight unless he knows his opponent is clean. The IBF super middleweight champion demanded Olympic-style drug testing for his 168-pound championship unification fight against Badou Jack on January 14 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn (Showtime).… Continue Reading...

Doping in sports: is it worth it?

Since sports were invented, people have cheated. From figure skaters breaking competitors’ legs, to marathon runners disappearing into the crowd and taking the subway, scandal populates sporting history.

Lance Armstrong, retired American cycling hero and cancer survivor, was stripped of all his titles and banned for life in 2012; he took the fall, but was he just the scapegoat?
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Texas’ high school steroid testing program was supposed to be a model for the nation


 Now, Don Hooton fears it taught us all the wrong lessons.

“You ever heard of the Whizzinator?”

Don Hooton leans forward to grab his black-framed reading glasses and scoots his chair toward one of the three computer monitors on his desk.

He clicks out of The Drudge Report, closes his Facebook page, and opens a new Google window.

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Bigorexia: How The Juice Bar is targeting steroid abuse among young men

Under a constant bombardment of images of rippling biceps, washboard abs and bronzed bodies, young men are risking their lives to achieve the perfect look.

In recent times, the focus has been on young girls developing anxieties over their bodies and even eating disorders as they try to attain the unachievable airbrushed images of perfection in magazines.… Continue Reading...

Anti-Doping Crusader Steps Down

Univ of Waterloo AD and good friend of THF steps down

Bob Copeland is leaving his post as the University of Waterloo’s athletics director after enduring one of the most turbulent periods in the school’s history.

Copeland has resigned from UW, effective this fall, ending a five-year term, the university announced Friday.… Continue Reading...

ALL schoolchildren should be taught about steroid dangers

This message delivered by the president of the World Anti Doping Agency is at the heart of our message – our kids need to be educated about the dangers of appearance and performance enhancing drugs.  Few of our children are being talked to about these drugs.


The World Anti-Doping Agency has called for every Australian school student to be taught about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs, saying children are putting their health at risk by taking steroids and sports supplements.Continue Reading...

Survey: Public unaware of level of PED use in schools


NEW YORK — Nine out of 10 Americans can tell you that illegal steroid usage is a major problem. But most of them believe that the epidemic begins and ends in professional sports without considering the rest of society.

That finding, controversial though it may seem, was the main conclusion from the first survey designed to measure the public perception of illegal steroid use in the United States.… Continue Reading...

Chuck the steroids and hit the gym

Chuck the steroids and hit the gym!

Says Manoj Chopra, India’s first WWE champ, who was recently in town to attend a college function.

His vast list of entertaining gigs include tearing a 1,000-page telephone directory, bending iron rods with his teeth and breaking police handcuffs - all in a jiffy!… Continue Reading...