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Davis Cripe: Energy Drinks Take Another Life

On April 26th, 2017 our 16-yr old son, Davis Cripe, went to heaven because of an energy drink. It’s still unbelievable to me that it happened and everyday I wake-up hoping this nightmare is over, but no such luck.

Davis was such an amazing kid, loved his drums and had big plans.… Continue Reading...

Ultimate Warrior Cause Of Death: Steroid use questions raised by Nancy Grace

Triple H

The Ultimate Warrior’s cause of death has been determined by a medical examiner, according to TMZ. The gossip website reports that the former wrestler died from a massive heart attack.

The WWE Hall of Famer passed away just days after returning to WWE. Warrior, born James Hellwig, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 5, appeared at WrestleMania 30 on April 6 and was featured on “Monday Night Raw” the next day.
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Bodybuilder believes the increase in steroid use, which caused the death of 20-year-old Oli Cooney is down to vanity

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford bodybuilder Nick Hindle believes the increase in steroid use, which caused the death of 20-year-old Oli Cooney, inset, is down to vanity

Despite the dangers they can cause, the number of people using steroids appears to be increasing.

The quest to achieve a peak physique is said to be one of the reasons why young men in particular are resorting to what many in the industry regard as a quick-fix solution.

But the reality is that resorting to steroids can be potentially harmful to health – at worse it can kill.… Continue Reading...

Ultimate Warrior drops dead at 54. Was he still using steroids?

Ultimate Warrior ropes RAW

In an interview with CJAY 92 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on April 9, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart talks about the Ultimate Warrior’s steroid use and questions if he ever stopped taking them. As we previously reported, Warrior tragically passed away due to a “catastrophic medical condition” on Tuesday, April 8.… Continue Reading...

Did DMAA-spiked supplement kill this runner?

Claire Squires

A fit and healthy woman who collapsed near the finish of the London marathon probably died as a result of taking a legally available performance-enhancing drug, a coroner has ruled.

Claire Squires, 30, collapsed in Birdcage Walk, a mile from the finish line of the 26.2-mile event last year.

The coroner, Dr Philip Barlow, said: “Claire died on 22 April 2012 at St Thomas’ hospital after collapsing during the final stretch of the London marathon.

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‘Roid Killers in Syria

Musclebound militiamen pumped up on steroids are keeping Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad in power - and carrying out massacres so his government troops won't be blamed.

The Shabiha militiamen - from the Arabic word "shabah" or "ghost" - are described as low-IQ thugs who love their tattoos and black T-shirts as much as their machetes and AK-47s.… Continue Reading...

Breivik used steroids to prepare for mass killings

Anabolic steroids make a male stronger and more aggressive.  Anders Breivik knows that, so he used steroids to help him get physically and mentally prepared kill children!


THE gunman behind Norway’s massacres told a court he had meant to kill the entire government and said he used meditation, video shooting games and steroids to prepare for the slaughter.Continue Reading...