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Pitt-Johnstown athletes stay drug free

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NCAA officials have a strict policy on performance-enhancing drugs and street drugs.

The NCAA considers performance-enhancing drugs different from street drugs. Drugs taken that could have adverse effects on a student athlete include marijauna, cocaine and heroin are considered street drugs.

The penalty for testing positive for street drugs is losing half a year of eligibility for the first offense.… Continue Reading...




Heartbreaking Story of Steroids-Related Suicides by Two Promising Young     Athletes Sparked the Formation of Educational Foundation and Mobilized

Major League Baseball’s Campaign Against Steroid Use

 McKinney, Texas (Thursday, January 26, 2017) – The tragic deaths of Taylor Hooton and Rob Garibaldi, because of their use of anabolic steroids, served as catalysts for the formation of the Taylor Hooton Foundation and have been documented in the new book, Suicide Squeeze (Temple University Press), by author and long-time educator, Bill Kashatus.… Continue Reading...

Project Juice: How texts and emails unravelled a massive steroid-trafficking ring

Handout/ CBSA

CBSA officers measure and log vials of steroids seized by the CBSA in “Project Juice.”

Their text messages and emails carried an air of confidence.

But one by one, members of a national steroid-distribution ring became ensnared in a lengthy Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) investigation dubbed Project Juice.… Continue Reading...

Pittsburgh Pirates work with Taylor Hooton Foundation

PITTSBURGH — Major League players working out or needing medical attention usually keep the Pirates’ athletic training staff busy. But on Wednesday, a few dozen rowdy kids at PNC Park kept them occupied when they joined forces with the Taylor Hooton Foundation to educate youth about staying healthy and active.

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Taylor Hooton Foundation launches 2016 campaign


Major Leaguers collaborating on PSAs against steroids

Half of his high school teammates were using some form of performance-enhancing substance in 2003 to “get bigger,” and Hooton — then 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds — was urged by a coach to “get bigger” as well.

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Commissioner Rob Manfred defends baseball’s steroid policy

Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred discussed the issue of drug testing during a press conference in New York.

Manfred: PED testing is doing its job

NEW YORK — Baseball’s big boss yesterday told the world to back off when it comes to “baseless” steroids whispers — unless you have some proof.

David Ortiz in recent years has swatted away speculation about performance-enhancing drug use, circling back to the subject himself in a piece for The Players’ Tribune in 2015.… Continue Reading...

Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista leads a THF “Hoot’s Chalk Talk” Event

“All Me, PED Free”  –  On Friday in Texas, Jose Bautista met with a group of young baseball players to discuss the dangers of using performance enhancing drugs in an event organized by the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

“I think when they hear it coming from me — I’m still active, I’m still successful and I have taken a pledge to continue to play at this level without the use of prohibitive substances,” Bautista told Gregor Chisholm of… Continue Reading...

Do more to rid sports of performance-enhancing drugs


High-profile major-leaguers like Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista are speaking out against performance-enhancing drugs


Waterloo Region Record

The suspension of the Toronto Blue Jays’ Chris Colabello last month by Major League Baseball for the presence of a banned substance sends a strong signal that cheating has consequences.

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Dee Gordon: steroid use is not all about muscle

Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins doesn’t fit the stereotype of a steroid user.


A positive steroid test by Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon has underlined the commonly forgotten fact about doping: it’s not all about the muscles.

Exhibit 1: Lance Armstrong and the other stick-figure men of his fraudulent Tour de France cycling teams, for whom small doses of testosterone (often delivered in drops of olive oil or transdermal patches the cyclists wore after training) were a critical recovery aid.… Continue Reading...

Hall president wins award for war on PEDs

Hall president wins award for war on PEDs

Jeff Idelson is trying to knock performance-enhancing drugs out of the ballpark.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation has noticed, too, as it will present the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s president with its Legacy Award on April 23 at Eddie Dean’s Ranch in Dallas.

“It is a humbling and proud honor to receive this award,” Idelson, the Hall’s president since 2008, said in a media release emailed to The Daily Star by the Cooperstown shrine.… Continue Reading...