Steroid user withdrawing jumps in front of train – dies

A dad who died after jumping in front of a train had been seeking help for depression and was withdrawing from steroids, an inquest heard.

Craig Bennett, aged 29, of Station Road, Arksey, Doncaster, died in the early hours of June 28 last year when he was hit by a DB Schenker freight train on the East Coast mainline near Arksey Lane level crossing.

Mr Bennett had visited his GP in the days before his death and said he was having suicidal thoughts, but had seemed positive about the future at a doctor’s appointment just two days before his death.

The court heard Mr Bennett’s relationship with the mother of his two-year-old son had broken down in 2012 following a series of rows and paranoid behaviour from Mr Bennett, who was taking steroids on a regular basis and going to the gym every day.

A statement from his ex-partner Gemma Robson said: “He was like Jekyll and Hyde.”

But the couple had remained amicable, and Mr Bennett had regular contact with his son.

The court heard Mr Bennett had left three notes – two for Miss Robson, and one for his best friend, Daniel Queen.

Coroner Mike Mellun concluded Mr Bennett took his own life, and added: “This was a tragic and untimely death and I am mystified as to the reason why he did this.

“Clearly he wanted a good life for his son and, even right at the end, his thoughts were for others, particularly with his little boy.”

The court heard Mr Bennett had been a regular steroid user and, in the weeks before his death, had been experiencing headaches after withdrawing from using the drugs.

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3 Responses to Steroid user withdrawing jumps in front of train – dies

  1. Finley says:

    It’s a very sad story but blaming it on steroids is ridiculous. Perhaps he was on anti-deppressants which is not mentioned in the article. Clearly he has some emotional issues prior to steroid use. The inquest mentioned in the article: What credentials do the members have? Probably no experience using it themselves or other studies.

    • Andrew Bennett says:

      Craig was by brother and it was roids That caused this. F*$k off d#@k. You know nothing.

    • Brye says:

      Clearly YOU don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve taken steroids. And I tried to kill myself when I stopped. I had no prior history of mental illness. Get a clue or don’t talk about things you don’t know about.