Sprinter claims that he was “accidently” injected with steroids

For those of you not familiar with steroids, let me assure you all that a doctor could not “accidently” mistake cortizone for nandrolone!

This story will show you what lengths young people will go to in support of denying this behavior.


By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, January 26, 6:33 AM

BERN, Switzerland - The Swiss athletics federation says sprinter Pascal Mancini will sue a doctor after twice testing positive for a banned steroid.Swiss Athletics says the 22-year-old Mancini was mistakenly injected with nandrolone instead of cortisone, an anti-inflammatory painkiller, last September.

Mancini will skip the indoor season, including the world championships in Istanbul in March, while Switzerland's anti-doping agency investigates the case.

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