Schwarzenegger: says bodybuilders should stay away from drugs

Arnold Schwarzenegger has never made it a secret that he once used steroids. He has been honest and candid on the topic.

The actor, politician, businessman, investor, former professional bodybuilder, and seven-time Mr. Olympia winner says however that athletes and body builders should stay far away from drugs. and stick to more natural approaches when it comes to improving their performance.

Schwarzenegger indicates that back in his day steroids were a new thing and it was an experimental movement where he, like many others, went to the doctor to take performance enhancing drugs.

“We were experimenting with it. It was a new thing,” said Schwarzenegger during a recent interview with ABC News. And while he can’t turn the clock back and say, “Now I would change my mind on this,” the celebrity and well-known business tycoon does not encourage anyone to use drugs.

Using steroids sends the “wrong message,” and it’s downright wrong, he continued during the interview. With this, Schwarzenegger is now encouraging athletes from all walks of life to seek out natural performance enhancers as it’s a wise and healthy move.

His staunch commitment to a drug free sports world is being heard loud and clear.

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One Response to Schwarzenegger: says bodybuilders should stay away from drugs

  1. Jim Evans says:

    That Schwarzenegger “went to the doctor to take performance enhancing drugs” does not legitimize what he did. It only begs the question of what medical condition he (and his fellow bodybuilders) had that required a physician to prescribe steroids for him (them). PEDs were illegal back then too unless prescribed by a physician, so what Schwarzenegger did was “technically” legal but only because he found and unscrupulous doctor.

    In the meantime, how many young people has he influenced (and how many is he still influencing) to use PEDs because of his example? Every kid in America knows what he did to succeed in bodybuilding, the movies,and in politics – none of which would have been possible without PEDs. He doesn’t feel so badly that he is willing to forfeit his trohpies or titles. Certainly not the money he earned based on his “artificially enhanced” persona. My feelings are expressed in detail at: