Real Stories

Steroid Abuse is a Very REAL Problem
No one can say that the threat of steroids and other APEDs (appearance and performance enhancing drugs) is overstated.  Experts agree that over 1.5 million students – as much as 6% of all U.S. high school and middle school students – have admitted to knowingly using anabolic steroids.  These numbers do not include people that are unknowingly ingesting these drugs via unregulated dietary supplements that are spiked with these drugs.

Boys and Girls are Using
With more than 1 in 20 high school girls having already tried anabolic steroids, the young female population has become the fastest growing user group. Plus, it’s not just the older kids who are using steroids – the median age of a student at first usage is 15.

Non-athletes are Using Steroids, Too!
Approximately half of the users of anabolic steroids are not athletes at all. In fact, they have no interest in competing – at least not on the athletic field. They are interested in competing for the attention of their peers, and they’re using anabolic steroids to look more attractive. These kids are known as “mirror athletes,” because they want to look in the mirror and see an athletic-looking image without having to compete on the field. Unfortunately, Taylor’s story is just one of many similar stories from high schools across America.

Take a Look at a Few Real Stories
The people on the following pages made an uneducated choice to use APEDs. They tell you honestly how APEDs use has affected their lives, and how they wished they had not begun to use at all.

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